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Due to COVID-19 our hours have changed until further notice
Due to COVID-19 our hours have changed until further notice

About Us

Most things are made to last, but sometimes they need help.

- Inspired by my mother -

Our Story

“Most things are made to last, but sometimes they need help.” - Just a few words from my mother that ring through my mind often. She might have been talking about clothing, but her words - along with the used, worn garments she referenced - couldn’t be more inspiring. Raised in a modest household, my family and I were no strangers to hand-me-downs, many of which have seen better days. With her special touch, holes were patched, and rips were mended. For cents on the dollar, and a talented hand, she was not only able to keep clothes on our backs, but had enough saved to pave our future. Could we have used new clothes - did we want it? Yes, but did we really need it? No, we made what we had work.

In a society surrounded by excess, the tendency to continually upgrade and replace is ingrained in each and every one of us. For a marginally better upgrade, or if there is a small issue with what we currently have, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Other than the waste that this creates, it requires deep pockets to sustain. Like my mother before me, I want to hang onto money if I can help it, and I simply want everyone to have that option as well - the option to save. You might not know where those savings can be better spent yet, but just knowing that it’s there, and available, can be a blessing. With like-minded people, together, we started BKB Tech.

Who we are

We all grew up in the Silicon Valley surrounded by technology, and it is in the tech industry that we planted our roots. All those years ago, almost instinctively, we gravitated toward the repair of the devices that were becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives. There was no shortage of broken machines to fix, and it was actually at another repair company that we all met. We failed, we learned, we improved, and we ultimately honed our craft. Eventually realizing the shortcomings of the industry we were in, and how the repair process can be improved, we set out to create a company that not only did repairs the right way, but for the right reasons. Equipped with nearly a decade of experience, we were off.

What we do

With BKB Tech, we looked to save, rather than replace. Savings can come in many different forms, the most apparent being money, but we wanted to go even further. As a team, we quickly realized that money can’t always buy back the things that are lost, and the thing that we want to save the most might not always be money. The family videos that grandpa took before he passed, the pictures of your firstborn, the computer that housed it all - gifted to you by mom and dad - aren’t these things, the feelings, the memories and the sentiment, irreplaceable? Are they not invaluable and possibly even more important than money? With BKB Tech, our promise is to save, because not all things can be replaced.